Wooden lamp design from Sigulda (2019)

Elvijs Vībots makes lamps from wood in Sigulda. Video for the Sigulda Municipality Annual Award in Education 2019.
Video: Zanda Puče








Conversation with artist Dina Dubiņa (2018)

Video was made for the exhibition Āpus by the artist Dina Dubiņa.
Video: Zanda Puče
Music used in the video: Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon. 
Video used excerpts from Semo Visual Art created video. Model: Ulla Zirne.







Frago book dummy (2018)

“Frago” : a voice alert can be given immediately after throwing the grenade, shouting “frag out” (for “fragmentation grenade outgoing”); this reduces or eliminates the element of surprise.

In 2018 my involvement with the military officers training school in Latvia was terminated. The experience of this training was difficult and depressing but developed into something more humoristic with many moments filled with laughter and irony. Allthough I am still a serving soldier in the army, I find the routine challenging and one of repetition and discipline. However being a part of the Latvian army provides me with a sense of belonging to a national identity.

The Latvian army in the past and present has been small in scale but great in battle.


As If Silent Lullaby (2017)

Music video for the song performed by Anita Zambare, Helvijs Kārkliņš
Video: Zanda Puče
Special thank you to: Krimulda Evangelic Lutheran Church - Austris Rāviņš, Kristaps Breške; Līgatne Nature Trails - Velga Vītola, Inta Lange; Rihards Rasnacis, Armands Andže, Jānis Zambars







Exhibition Hunting + soil sounds (2016)

Video from the exhibition Hunting and demo of the soil sound recording in Sigulda.
Video: www.tuesi.lv









Soil sounds in ROJA Lab (2016) 

"The world upon which we live is itself a living organism, endowed with a circulation, a respiration, and a nervous system of its own." (Arthur Conan Doyle).

Project Soil sounds questions by which means is it possible to hear underneath the surface of objects and spaces in natural environment and how it change the human perception. Clear sound signals are accessible only in rural areas with its' own natural electric field far from the city overwhelming electric field. The project idea is to use soil sound archeology to undercover the layers of the past of energetic sites in area around Roja. Sound recordings are combined with printmaking.



Little Prince (2015)

Short animation film Little Prince we made together with Garkalne Arts and Comprehensive Secondary School students after the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Video: Zanda Puče

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